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Zeus is a 90lb pitbull catahoula mix. He is a beautiful dog. He is very intelligent, intuitive, playful, and compassionate. He is not fixed yet. He has been having issues with being aggressive towards some other dogs and people. He should be the only dog in the house with a strong owner. With training Zeus will have a lot to offer and can become a great companion to anyone. I have started muzzle training with him and he is coming along. I had started sessions with a trainer, but he has not been getting along with my dogs so I cannot keep him.

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This is Beau he’s about one year and five months old, he is a rescue former stray and he really needs a good home to go to. Unfortunately when he was adopted his momma was is a good place but now she’s been having some issues going on in her personal life and knows she can’t give him what he needs in a home.

He’s loving and he’s very playful, he loves to play tug of war and he loves being outside. He would absolutely love to have a yard to play in and a home with other dogs would also suit him well. He’s a big ball of energy he loves to play and jump around and he gets the zoomies all the time. He’s not destructive, besides his toys of course, which can hardly survive a week sometimes. He’s a great addition to a family, recommended no young children, with time and who has both the energy and time to give him all the love in the world.


Mocha is about 8months old pup per her vet. Shes been in puppy training plus basic obedience training good with out dogs. Very energetic happy dog still in her chewing phase due to being a puppy. Have to rehome due to finding out my baby is allergic. Want her to go to a loving home that can provide and give her all the attention she needs while growing up.


I’m trying to find a good home for my brother’s pit bulls, Jamie & Cesar (brothers, age 6). Jamie is very smart and loyal! He’s great with animals and kids, loves to dive into bodies of water, run through fields, and cuddle. He is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, not aggressive.

Life has thrown its share of challenges his way, making it increasingly difficult to provide the care and attention these loyal dogs deserve.

He has allergies. My brother is trying to avoid shelters and just wants to find them a good, loving home.
Thank you!

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