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Lil Baby

Lil baby is a very loving dog who does not know personal space. However lil baby does need to be trained as far as basic obedience he does not do well with sharp correction, he also does not know his won strength he does play too aggressive sometimes but he has never attacked anyone or another dog or been aggressive in a dangerous way. Those are the two biggest issues we’ve had with lil baby, other than that he is a great companion. Loves to cuddle and play, he will love you and follow you everywhere you go. If you have the time to train and love him the way he needs then he’s the perfect fit for you!


Adventure is one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever come across, we adopted her from circle of friends a year ago and we’ve loved her ever since. She loves to play and has enough energy for 4 dogs! A few of adventures downfalls are that when she gets excited she will do a parkour jump off of you with all four legs it doesn’t hurt but it is a lot, and she also eats on her own schedule. Other than that she’s perfect, she listens pretty well as far as basic obedience. She loves to go on walks and run free in the yard. She could use off the leash and leash training, she’s really good with children and people. She may take a bit to warm up to people, but she has never been aggressive with anyone in our family. If you want a ball of energy full of love then she is the perfect fit for you!


Novalee is a sweet loving energetic dog who needs an active family to live with. She’s quirky and loyal.
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Cholo is a 6 month old pit bull. He can be very lovable and loves to cuddle. Cholo loves to play in the snow, and loves to run around with his soccer ball.

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