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She’s a 2 to 3 year old American Fox Hound and we need to rehome because the other animals we have do not get along. She loves to play. Does very well with other dogs and cats. Family had dumped her on us. And we can pay the large to medium dog pet fee were we live. She does have a bit of food guarding. Loves to gives cuddles. Loves being outside.


Inca was born in January 2020 and came to us at 4 months old via a rescue. DNA results indicate she is an American Foxhound. Inca is crate trained, and will always “go crate” when offered a food incentive (i.e.; a frozen kong mixed with kibble and cream cheese or peanut butter). Inca does have a sensitive tummy, so we never provide table scraps or any dairy. She enjoys sleeping during the day in her dog beds in sunny spaces around the house or in the backyard. Inca is not a “velcro” dog and she likes having her own space; but, will want to know where everyone is before she settles down. Inca is potty and crate trained and knows sit, down, come, place, gentle & break very well. Inca is very strong (may pull during walks) but very friendly, loving, and tolerant. Inca loves to sniff and is protective of her food. Inca does occasionally bark at wildlife and will want to chase birds or animals if they are in her space. She does not react aggressively around other dogs unless they initiate.


Zuko is an awesome dog. My wife and I recently adopted him, and we have had a great time getting to know him. He is playful and very intelligent, already knowing sit, shake, touch (we are training him to touch your hand with his nose as a foundation for further training), and he is getting the hang of ‘come’. He rarely ever barks except when he hears someone unknown approach our door, or when we leave the house (only lasts a few minutes). He gets along very well with other dogs at the park; I can count on one hand how many times I have heard him bark at other dogs. He has been making a lot of progress with not pulling on the leash when we walk him. He is very treat motivated, which is great since he obeys very quickly when we try to teach him new things

My wife and I have been struggling to find a place in SC that will take our dogs (in our price range) and so we have had to get an Airbnb for one to two months as we get settled in. Hoping to find a great temporary home for our boy!


Charlie is a 6 month old American Foxhound pup. He is neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations. He is a good boy and has be easy to train so far. He is house broke and knows how to sit and shake. Since he is still a pup, he has a high energy level . He loves to play, chew on toys and will dig in the yard if he gets bored. We are absolutely heart broken that we need to find him a new home. We have a 17 year old senior pup and they are just too far apart in age and don’t get along. Charlie just wants to play and our old man wants nothing to do with it. Charlie gets along great with our 2 young boys and our cats. With our cats, he might chase them for a second but he doesn’t try and get them. Charlie needs a home where he will get a lot of love, attention, play time and exercise. Bonus if have property. We have a create for him, although we haven’t crate trained him. We have a dog door that has allowed him constant access to the backyard.

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