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Mitzy was adopted when she was 1 year old, she is a foxhound mix, she will be 5 years old in October this year.


Boomer is an American Foxhound and Treeing Walker Coonhound. He is ~5-6 years old. Originally from South Carolina as a stray. Rescued in Connecticut. Our family has grown and now has a 1 year old son. Boomer needs more attention than unfortunately we can give him. Fenced in yards are a plus for Boomer. He loves to snuggle most of the day away too if you let him. Would do better in a home with older children just for an attention perspective. Loves food, very food motivated.


I have a three-year-old hound dog He’s good with kids and other dogs tolerant of cats at least the one we have. He has a personality that could require its own ZIP Code. He’s loving food motivated and needs some room to run. He has a lot of toys loves to chew hangers. If no toys are available. He’s a hound through and through he doesn’t dig, but does like to find places to bury his treats he do well in a home that has other dogs. He’s very active and loves to play Loves long walks is not afraid of the water.


Zuko is an awesome dog. My wife and I recently adopted him, and we have had a great time getting to know him. He is playful and very intelligent, already knowing sit, shake, touch (we are training him to touch your hand with his nose as a foundation for further training), and he is getting the hang of ‘come’. He rarely ever barks except when he hears someone unknown approach our door, or when we leave the house (only lasts a few minutes). He gets along very well with other dogs at the park; I can count on one hand how many times I have heard him bark at other dogs. He has been making a lot of progress with not pulling on the leash when we walk him. He is very treat motivated, which is great since he obeys very quickly when we try to teach him new things

My wife and I have been struggling to find a place in SC that will take our dogs (in our price range) and so we have had to get an Airbnb for one to two months as we get settled in. Hoping to find a great temporary home for our boy!

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