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She’s is a two month old puppy, who is shy but playful, she is very smart as she just started to learn basic commands :), she is getting potty trained to know when she needs to go use the restroom.


We got him recently but due to a family emergency we can no longer keep him.
He is a sweet and docile puppy who will grow to be about 10 lbs. He has gotten his first round of DHPP vaccines and will come with his vaccination passport. He loves to follow people around the house and is well socialized. He plays well with other dogs as well. This little guy loves to sleep next to you while you work or under the bed at night. He has done some leash and potty training. He knows to sit before he eats but would much rather eat right from your hand. He loves walks and to chase after his toys. We need a serious good and caring home that would take good care of him and provide monthly updates so we are not just giving him to any home . If you think you are a perfect match for him then you can apply for him . We will select the best home .


Gimli turned 2 on November 22nd 2022 and is a very handsome boy. We did get a DNA test for him and he is a lovely mutt made up of equal parts Pitbull and Staffordshire Terrier, as well as some spaniel and hound. He has the energy of an energizer bunny and loves to give kisses and love nibbles. Gimli’s favorite past times are long walks, fetch, zoomies, peanut butter Kong balls, tug-of-war, and chasing his tail. Gimli’s least favorite things, bath-time and nail trimmings. He does like to jump on people which we are working on, but he just can’t contain his love sometimes. With that being said, he does NOT share the same love with other animals as he does with humans, so he would need to be in a home where he is the only animal. Given his strength, energy, and lack of experience with children, I wouldn’t recommend him to a home with kids younger than 12. Gimli needs a home/pet-parent that has time and energy for training, lots of exercise, and/or has a fenced in yard for him to run in. The only medications he is on is his monthly flea meds. He is susceptible to ear infections, so we try to keep water out of his ears and clean them regularly.

Our only reason for looking for a new home for him is that myself and my Fiancé recently have had drastic lifestyle changes where we are away from our home for 10+ hours a day which leads Gimli to being crated for far longer than we are comfortable with. Additionally, we live in a small apartment with no yard for him to run in. After lots of hard thought and crying eyes, we decided to try to find him a home that could provide him a better daily life than we could with the changes that have been made. Taking him back to a shelter was not going to work for us, so we decided to work with home-to-home in order to make his transition easier.

All items we have for him will be included in his adoption, including a crate, bed, toys, leash/harness, training collars, treats, clothes, etc.

Please understand that it is our utmost priority to find Gimli a safe and loving home. With that being said, all applicants will undergo questioning and a meet and greet with Gimli to assure that he is going to a safe, clean, and loving home.

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