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Luna is a 35 pound Mini American Eskimo without papers. I got her from a neighbor for $600 and have known her since she was 4 weeks old. She is very affectionate and very loyal to her owner. It breaks my heart to part with her and would prefer to have her fostered but willing to have her adopted by the right family. I’m recently homeless and cannot provide for her the life she deserves


American Eskimo mix with boarder collie .great loving dog loves fetch with a ball. 2 yrs old has a sister Coco pure bred airdale Terrier in the 3rd Pic if your looking for 2 dogs would love to keep together but not required. We recently had twins and have 3 other children and my new job does not leave anytime to spend with them. They deserve to have more attention and be more active . we can’t handle them with everything going on and need rehomed soon as possible


Kumo is a 2 year old American Eskimo Pomeranian mix. She is a happy and active pup. She loves to play and run. Kumo enjoys winter and the snow. She is a smart and vocal pup.

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