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Luna is a baby husky with different eye color. I am trying to give her a good new home I can’t have her because I am sadly. Don’t have time for her she is a wonderful dog she is potty trained and she’s really good with kids. She’s very playful and I just want her to have a lot more attention in a loving family that can care for her and love her.


Alaskan malamute black and white with some brown. All up to date on shots and registered with the Hamilton County. Fed gentle giants dog food. Anybody interested must be able to afford the food and future shots for the State Standards. They are good with dogs and people, but not with other fluffy animals. Attacks fluffy animals that enters the yard like raccoons and cats. He loves to hop twirl in excitement, but will not jump on you. He’s very loveable to people and loves to lick your hands. Could be good on a farm, doesn’t attack children nor babies. Not sure if he is house trained because he stays outside all day.


From the Humane society. Owned for 2 years. She very friendly. Older children preferred because she is hyper. May calm after being with a family or New owner. She needs attention and affection.


“I may not be winning any fetch awards, but I will definitely win over your heart with my mad snuggling skills. If a night of snack, snuggling and sitcoms is your thing – we may be a perfect match”.

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