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Hello there my name is Rex. I am a 1.5 year old German shepherd + Husky mix. When I’m not chasing my tail you can find me enjoying a long car ride or a walk with my little humans. I love other dogs + cats and small kids.


Harriet is a German Shepherd Husky mix . She’s just a few months over 2 years old . She’s a mid sized dog about 35lbs. She’s spayed and microchipped.
Originally from Burbank animal shelter . Harriet was adopted and brought back by her owner . We adopted her after . She’s a great dog but demands lots of attention and affection. She’s good with kids but I wouldn’t recommend her around kids under 10 because she has a tendency to get overly anxious and excited causing her to jump and knock little ones over .Shes not good with small dogs . Please no CATS!!! She has a high prey drive !! She will attack any small furry pet ! She’s good with other dogs but is very picky about what dogs she will interact with . She is high energy so if your dog is older they will not be a good fit . I prefer Harriet to go to a home that has a yard and someone that is active . She loves hikes and walks regularly. She’s def a people friendly dog and prefers people over animals unless she gets a bad vibe . Hardly barks unless she wants attention. I wouldn’t recommend her living in an apartment.She needs someone that will give her constant attention and love . She is crate trained and cries and scratches if she needs to pee . Although we have encountered some accidents . She’s been abused by the previous owner so sometimes she is anxious especially when eating or peeing /pooping. She prefers no one watches her do any of those things until she’s comfortable with you. She loves to play ball and loves aggressive chewing toys . She does have a tendency to rip up beds so I would recommend a hard to rip dog bed . We love her lots unfortunately she’s tried to get our cat too much and it’s becoming aggressive.


Qyana is spade, current on immunizations, in excellent health, 5 – 6 years old, and well loved by us all.

She is gentle with all people, aggressive towards most dogs. Needs to be in one-dog household with inability to roam and interact with dogs.

She talks to greet people but does not bark outside much,

She is loyal, gentle and not too needy. She sheds and does not like to be outside below zero. While walking she doesnt pull, unless dogs around.

She likes chasing squirrels so not sure if cats would be ok for her. She is not a digger.

She stays fairly close to home but explores the neighborhood loop and is eager to come home when you call.

She has been boarded successfully for 2 weeks, and she needs minimal grooming like nail trims.

Please text 9072992931

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