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Bailey Bertha

Bailey is a 92# Great Pyrenees (3/4), akbash (1/8), and Anatolian shepherd (1/8) mix. She loves children, dog parks, and Mudbay. Guarding is number 1 priority at home, needs big yard to run around/exercise in. She barks quite a bit at home to protect the house – from deliveries, to anyone approaching the door, unknown dogs walking by. She is very sweet and playful, needs a lot of attention, and she is good with staying home by herself (not destructive). She can resource guard with small children around, so no toys or socks around with young children (<5 years old) unsupervised. She does great with dogs off leash at the park. She is reactive on the leash, so you will need to pay close attention to other dogs walking around and make sure she is focused on you. She knows the following commands: sit, stand, down, up, paw, touch, and come. However, with all Great Pyrenees, they will only do this on their own terms. Ideally, we would like to rehome Bailey to a home that has land so she can roam and guard as a livestock guardian dog should be doing. It is difficult to calm her down after a barking episode, new owner needs to be very patient with Bailey and her guarding traits. It costs about $200/month for Bailey’s food and the current heartworm/flea/tick medicine is $390 annually.

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