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Shadow was raised with so much love from the day he was born (April 2023)
He’s around 6 months now. His dad is an Orange Turkish Angora& His mom is a petite Calico/Tortoiseshell. His fur is a Smokey subtle Lavender grey. When we come home, He’s waiting ever so patiently @ the Door for love. He lives with his Brothers& sisters so he definitely gets along with other kittens. With humans…They all adore how charismatic and welcoming he is. He likes to be hugged& Picked up/Rocked like a baby as we sing a little melody for him. His voice is so innocent& He’s the most human cat someone would be blessed with. I also put a little filtered water in his kibbles. I haven’t ever fed him any “By-Product” Kibbles since he was born…


Buddy was found in my backyard, a tiny bundle of cuteness, abandoned by his feral mom.

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