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We adopted Zoie in 2013 for our daughter, who is now relocating to FL and cannot take him. He is a beautiful chocolate point blue eyed Siamese/Snowshoe with many quality yrs left. He would do best in a 1 or 2 person home; as children frighten him. He loves to be combed & pet and likes a clean litter box; otherwise, he has occasionally marked his spot if it hasn’t been cleaned. He’s been on a Purina Urinary Tract dry cat food diet most of his life; along with water, which has kept his belly stable. No other food should be given. We can supply what is needed for the transfer, if needed. He does like to hop about outside on occasion but is strictly an inside cat; therefore, we haven’t kept up with shots because he is only around us. It will take him a bit to get used to new owners, so we would suggest placing him and his covered litter box in a small safe area until he feels comfortable enough to roam about. That is what we did when we adopted him, when we moved twice, and it worked out perfectly.

Mini me

2 months old, loves to play and runs up trees


Greyson is a sweet, affectionate, low-key, and intelligent 8-year old cat. Greyson enjoys food, tricks for treats, exploring the backyard, plenty of naps, and your lap. Greyson has been our cat since he was a kitten, and due to moving circumstances, we regretfully have to find him a new home. Greyson needs someone patient, kind, and tender, who is looking for a lap companion and who can provide plenty of good eats. He loves bird watching and taking naps in or near the sunshine.

We ask for someone who has patience because Greyson does have special care requirements. He has allergies and occasionally needs ointment applied to his eyes if they show drainage. He occasionally chooses to use the bathroom (#2) just outside the litter box, but he does not spray or urinate outside it. However, Greyson is one of the most lovable cats you will ever meet. He will fall asleep in your arms, in your lap, in any cuddly position, and he loves pets.


She is an adult pure breed Snow Shoe girl, very beautiful, sweet and responsive to the word no. She has never been outside and will always stay close to her owner. She is also very bright and will usually come when called. She will also endlessly play fetch with a crumpled paper ball, golf ball sized. . Very calm but loves to play. Has never scratched or bit anyone in our home. Age is approx.

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