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Rasha is a very sweet and loving cat. She loves to be pet and to have her belly rubbed. She no longer can see out of her left eye due to an incident that happened when she was around 2 as well as has a deformed ear as a result of having a hematoma in 2022. She is fantastic around babies and toddlers and does not get aggressive or mean with children.


Cat is a sweet Siamese. He is quite skittish and will need some time to warm up to you and feel at ease at home. He is not fixed, chipped, or had any vaccines. He is in good health. We think he would do best being an only pet, but he is friendly with other cats. Dogs are a definite no.

*Home To Home is a platform that allows interested adopters to connect directly with people looking to rehome their pets. Homeward Pet Adoption Center (HPAC) has not evaluated or assessed this pet. HPAC is unable to provide any additional information or guarantees – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about them. For more information about the Home To Home program, please visit our website at


Duck is shy but loves to be pet
He likes light lazors and climbing up high
Duck often enjoys his alone time and hanging out in dark places like under the bed or in cubbyhole.
Unfortunately duck isn’t getting along with my older cat anymore so I’m having to Re-home him.


Kylo is a part Siamese cat, just under 2 years old. We adopted him almost a year ago. He adjusted well and is good around our toddler. He’s playful but calm most of the time. We would love to keep him but we’re never home anymore and he deserves more attention than we can give him right now.

* Message from El Paso Animal Services: If adopted through Home to Home, this pet will be provided spay/neuter surgery and microchip if not already administered. Please use the code [A0051498023] and send an email to if you would like to redeem these services. Spay/ neuter services are limited while grant money is available.

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