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Big foot

We adopted bigfoot about 1 year ago, Bigfoot is playful and will follow you from room to room. He is a lilac Siamese we adopted him and his brother about 1 year ago as kittens. Due to medical reasons in our family we need to find good homes for them.


Ramona is a very sweet and vocal girl. She appears to need a calm home with possibly no young children or other animals. She is very timid and shy, but loves to be pet.

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Sugarcane & Culpepper


Sugarcane (pink ears) & Culpepper (black ears) are 6 year old Siamese mixes with a very sweet demeanors.

Sugarcane loves to sit on your shoulder, cuddle, & be pet. He can even stand on his hind legs for an extended period of time, which makes for a great party trick.

Culpepper keeps to himself more, but is friendly and enjoys head scratches once he warms up to you and rubbing up against your legs.

Neither cat has ever shown any signs of aggression in the 6 years I have had them. They do well around children, but have never been around other cats or dogs.

They have their claws and are horizontal scratchers. They do shed quite a bit & are not fans of being brushed. Culpepper has some matted hair on his back from going through a kitty pass that he is slightly too chunky for.

They are both litter box trained & we have never had any issues when switching litter type, box type, or box location.

Currently not up to date on their shots, but have received monthly flea preventative treatments. I do plan on getting their shots updated as soon as my scheduled allows for me to take them.

Rehoming due to busy schedule and not being able to provide the attention they deserve. We are also expecting our second baby & are going to be using “their room” as the nursery which will limit the area they live in considering they have never been outside, and we feel they deserve more space than our small home can provide.


Snowball is likes to be in the house and outside we let her on the porch because she likes to sit in the sun. She is good with every one of all ages. She basically sits around relaxing and she loves boxes

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