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Minka loves to be petted and she plays a lot. She doesn’t get along with other pets likes to be the His only pet in the house.


We fostered Smokey because the owner was going to drop him at a shelter. We have always kept him inside, in a multi-cat home. Once he gets used to you, he loves to stay by your side and wants lots of scratches and love! He’s a beautiful Russian Blue and he’s extra special because he’s a polydactyl cat! He has extra toe beans!! We would love for him to find his forever home!


Super playful and chatty. Can be shy and bratty sometimes.


Baloo isn’t just a cat; he’s your steadfast friend, always ready to bring warmth and joy to your life. This wise and loving old man has a heart full of affection.Baloo’s favorite pastime is burrowing under blankets, creating a cozy hideaway where he can enjoy his peaceful naps. As he kneads the blankets with his paws, it’s his way of showing love and contentment.Baloo thrives as the sole pet in the home, cherishing the opportunity to be your one and only. His welcoming 10/10 loaf and warm greetings every time you walk in the door make coming home a heartwarming experience.Despite his age, Baloo has a youthful spirit. He’s curious about the world around him and loves to play. His inquisitive nature will keep you entertained and remind you of the wonder in everyday life.

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