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Mynx is a smaller Maine coon Norwegian forest cat mix who came to me around 7-8 yrs ago when a friend lost her housing. Since then she has become a part of the family and an integral part of my children’s lives as my youngest two have grown up with her always by their side. She is officially documented as my daughters emotional support animal. Our situation is emergent as we are currently in a shelter situation due to DV and mynx is not handling it well. For her safety she is confined to a carrier and I have run out of supplies for her. It feels cruel and I’m fighting extremely hard to avoid surrendering. At her age I do worry separating her from the children would be detrimental to her health but short term is better than the latter as reunification is desperately sought. Mynx loves other cats as long as she has the time and space to properly acclimate and before I got her she did live peacefully with dogs as well. She would do well in a home with children. She picks a person and becomes their shadow, loves sun bathing, keeping you company while cooking, and greets every person at the door with a silent meow and leg rubs.

*This pet is not in the care of Seattle Area Feline Rescue. SAFe has not evaluated or assessed this pet. We are unable to provide any additional information or verify the accuracy of descriptions – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about the pet.*


Very shy
Has to go to someone who isn’t going to move.
She loves chicken and will only eat chicken flavoured food. Doesn’t like to be picked up. She does well as an only cat. Super cuddly when she gets used to people. She loves to go outside and explore. She stresses very easily and will start to misbehave when she senses change. Was abandoned by her first owner and left in the snow. She was attacked by another cat at her foster home before we got her.


I adopted fluffy when she was 1 years old and been in love with her ever since. She got separated from her sister, but still is a loving cat, the separation did not affect anything. She is over weight for her size which makes her even cuter. She’s very clingy and needs attention all the time. She is very sensitive and does not like to get picked up. She’s been sick one time but Ive took care of her. She do need help cleaning her size because she can’t reach every spot on her body to clean due to her over weight. I give her a bath every 2 weeks. She goes to the litter box perfectly fine like a normal cat. I really hate to get rid of her but I’m moving away and the place Im staying doesnt allow cats. Im looking for somebody who is really going to take care of my fluffy and make sure she is in good hands! Thank You.


Fluff came to our home in Tucson as a beautiful and friendly stray cat. She won us over with her easy going personality and her need for lots of love. We called her our “love-bug” as she would cuddle and demand attention. However, we already had another cat, Kitty, and we found over time that the cats never settled into a friendly relationship. We moved to Mesa a couple years ago and we still have to keep the cats separated. Fluff savagely attacks Kitty at every moment she can. Fluff needs to be in a single-cat home with lots of love and attention. She loves people. We’ve never seen her around dogs so not sure how she would respond to a dog. Fluff loves catnip and kicker toys. She is vocal and will let you know when she wants something. She feels no need to go outdoors, probably because her life as a young stray made her dislike rain, cold and extreme heat. She will bond tightly with a human and probably wants to fight off other cats to maintain that exclusive bond.

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