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Mr. Grey

A Nebelung breed of cat. He is very laid back and calm. Likes to cuddle in beds with anyone. Can also get along very well with other pets. He’s very sweet. Likes to meow a couple times at his water bowl before drinking which is a very cute and interesting phenomenon.


Cosette, aka Coco, is seriously the sweetest cat you will ever meet. She absolutely loves being around people. She loves to cuddle, seeks attention, and generally prefers to be around people. When guests are around, Coco is always out and about to say hi. Coco likes to cuddle with other cats but does not like the play too rough. Cosette is all around loving, affectionate, and a bit of a goofball. The perfect home for Cosette is one that can give her lots of attention and love.

Note: Cosette is allergic to chicken and has digestive issues (soft stool) when she eats it.

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Fish is 4 years old. She was the runt of her feral litter. I took them in, socialized them, and rehomed them, but Fish was so attached that I kept her. She’s shy, but once she warms up she is extremely affectionate and loving. She likes to do belly flops and head butts for attention. She’s been a very easy cat all her adulthood, and just likes naps and pets. Meep is her only child (an oops baby- she got out before her appointment to get fixed) and she’s now spayed. She is likely to hide while she’s getting acclimated. She’s never been aggressive with any cats, dogs, or kids, but she just takes some time to get used to new things.


I adopted Sampson when he was 10 and a half from my local shelter. He is now 13 and living his best life! Sampson loves to cuddle (he will sometimes wake you up to do just this). You need only look in his direction, and he will start purring. He is extremely affectionate and loves to be held, cuddled and pet! He is the definition of a lap cat, he loves sitting on your lap (or chest) and spend the entire day there if you let him! He also loves to sleep by your head, or in between your legs! He loves giving you love bites/nibbles on your fingers when the pets are extremely good, or if he wants you to pet him!

Sampson absolutely loves the laser! You will never see a cat move as quickly as Sampson does when there’s a laser pointer around. When he gets ultra concentrated on trying to catch the laser, he will stick out his tongue! Sometimes he will stick out his tongue if he is surprised too. He is all around very cute (and fluffy) and full of lots of love to give! He loves grooming his brother (from another mother) Milo!

Sampson does have feline asthma, but it is not severe at all. It is regulated with medication that he takes every other day. This does not affect his happiness or anything of the sort, he still lives a fulfilling life and loves to play/cuddle/love!

The only reason that I am in need of a foster is because I recently relocated to Australia. I had a family friend lined up to take my two kitties (Milo and Sampson). Everything was set in stone, and she notified me that she wasn’t able to do it anymore with no further explanation. I am already in Australia, and the cats are at my grandma’s house. She is livid that they are even there (despite it meaning to be temporary). She is threatening euthanasia if I don’t find another place for them to go temporarily. I can’t lose my babies, and I don’t want to have to relinquish them.

I know it is a big ask to take my cats until August 2024, but it is the only option that I have right now, save relinquishing them to a shelter. I just love my babies so much I can’t permanently give them up. I will provide everything that is needed, food, litter, vet expenses! I just need them to go to a good home until I can figure out something more permanent (bringing them to Australia).

I would prefer for both Milo and Sampson to go to the same home, they are so great and love each other very much!

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