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Beau was 3 months old when my husband & I got him from our daughter’s friend for free. I loved right away that he had no tail & his orange/white fur! He is a big boy like his uncle weighing 15 lbs., but he is a big baby. He doesn’t like to be held very much, but loves to play with toys, ice cubes, straws, & lasers lights. He will cuddle with you when he feels like it, & will let you pet & rub him when he wants it. He likes to nibble on fingers, hands, & other places on the body to show affection, but sometimes it can be a little rough & unexpected. He knows what “no bites” means if he does it too much while showing affection or gets too rough while he is playing. He is a big baby that just wants all the attention, & he does get jealous of our other cat. He is showing signs now at age 4 of being mean to our 6 yr old male cat, & does a lot of jealous staring at my husband or our other cat if I am giving them attention. He does need to be drugged prior to going to the vet to relax him & then sedated once he is at the vet for any kind of check up, nail trim, flea treatment, etc. He gets very anxious & not very nice to the veterinarian if he isn’t sedated. He is an indoor cat & loves a quiet home, he will get anxious if too loud or of the vacuum. Our older cat has always had high anxiety, which makes me think it has rubbed off on Beau at times. He just needs to be the main center of attention, & someone that will love him as much as I do. ❤️


Lady and her brother Cooper are a sibling bonded-pair! Lady is a Manx and doesn’t have a tail. She is very curious and loves shadows and lights! She is the best big sister to her brother and is the sweetest gal. She’s a late night cuddle feen and loves to sit outside or in the sun. Both are indoor.


Peeps is a Manx cat. He can be very sweet and cuddly. He can also exhibit passive aggressive behavior when not given the attention he wants when he wants it. He currently lives in a home with a dog and two additional cats. He mostly gets along with the cats and he can likely be rehomed where there are additional cats.


Simba was born on June 7, 2010. I found his mother Kami as a stray and she ended up being pregnant. I decided to keep her and deliver the babies, she had 6 kittens, 5 with a stumpy tail and 1 with a long tail, which is Simba. My granddaughter wanted to keep him, also named him and he has been with me ever since. He is an awesome cat, one would never know he is 13 years old! He lounges most of the day but will be around here and there but then at night he’s doing laps with his mother Kami, who I have as well. He’s fairly active still for his age. When we get the occasional stray mouse in the house he does his cat duties and takes care of it. He’s a good boy who likes to sit next to me or close by, or lay at the end of a bed at night. He’s not a cuddler but does love attention being petted, combed and being by me. He uses the litter box just fine and I can cut his nails as needed. He loves the laser pen, toys, his tunnel and catnip! He eats Purina Complete, will smell raw meat from anywhere in the house and will come meowing and begging for some. He LOVES raw chicken! He’s just a good boy who needs to go to a loving forever home along with his mother Kami, who is a year older than him. No rabies because he’s an inside cat only but I do give him a distemper shot every other year. Every now and then I do let him go outside for a bit to roll around the driveway and to investigate the shrubs. When I call him he always comes and goes right back in the house. I do supervise him as well. He really does know his name well. He literally comes from upstairs when I call his name for treats! He’s healthy, no health issues and has only been to the vet once and that was to get neutered. I’m absolutely heartbroken over this decision but I have no other choice. I’m getting divorced and moving 1200 miles away.

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