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she is a very sassy cat, but she also loves to cuddle, i think thats why the last owners called her cozy. she loves to bite your toes and play with your feet when their under the blankets. shes a very petite and polite cat but also like a sour patch, loves to knock stuff off dressers, she came from a very skeptic neighborhood, and owner. she had no problems. very healthy cat. very playful.


hes a black cat, hes from a random home owner in oregon portland. After 2 weeks of having him he had problems with his eyes and skin. he is a very sweet and affectionate cat. We brought him to the vet for his eyes last month and come to find out he was diagnosed with chlamyddia and herpes type 2. He also has a sister named cozy, that seems to be in good condition, but has not yet been to the vet yet to be checked for those diseases.

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