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Boris just turned 4 years old. He’s the most handsome boy ever and i am complete heartbroken to have to do this. I have a 10 year old cat that he loves but also stresses her out too much. I also have a toddler and sometimes that can be a bit chaotic for him. I think he would be best in a home with no other pets. He’s a little timid and skittish. He’s a good boy i just think he could have a happier life with someone else. You will need to be patient until he comes out of his shell. When he does he’s super loving. He loves to play!


Liu is a calm old girl who is lazy in her old age but still gets spunky and plays frequently. She is a gorgeous mix of Ragdoll and Himalayan. She does is rather rotund and seems to intend on staying that way even with diet and exercise but it has never affected her. She is the most loving cat on this planet. She can sense when you are sad, sick, upset or anything and she will be nuzzling you immediately. She loves to lay on her back and catch the sun rays in the afternoon

Kitten Mitten

Kitten is a very calm relaxed healthy and affectionate possibly Himalayan breed black long hair fluffy black cat who has lived in the Portland area most her life with a loving human who is currently dying of cancer – so she is now a guest at my art studio in Seattle until I can find her another home – she is 11 years old and enjoys dry food only and loves drinking lots of water , she has a good healthy purrrr and is very happy to just hang out and is very clean and tidy at her litter box – occasionally she sneezes due to an unknown cause she may have several sneezes in a row but does not have any respiratory issues or anything major – but has been seen by veterinarians for this and there seems to be no reason for concern – she gets along very well with small dogs and children and at her previous home enjoyed an indoor life with occasional outside deck / patio times but does not hunt anymore and does not seem to need or require being outside and seems to prefer being in the bedroom or couch or her own little cubby nook- she is very smart and respectful of peoples things and has so far been easy to adapt to understanding where she is not allowed to go – such as peoples desks and kitchen counters / tables etc – for this reason she is one of the easiest cats to get along with –
She likes her fluffy coat to be brushed and will let you know when she is finished being brushed by quickly raising her paw but knows not to use her claws – very easy going cat – I am not even a cat person and I adore her

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