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My name is Siryn, I was found as an orphan and sold to whoever had $5, luckily it was my mom, she bottle fed me til I was big and strong but I had some digestive issues from being left alone as a baby. I don’t have many issues now though. Mom says I have one kitten syndrome so it means I play a little rough with human hands but I like to think I’m just sassy and spicy! I love sitting in the dark like a shadow in the night and jumping out to spook you, I love your hair and will probably get tangled up in it while you sleep. Sunny windows are my favorite lounge spot but cat trees give me the zoomies!

With the Home to Home platform, Regional Animal Services of King County connects people looking to rehome their pets with interested adopters. The pet on this page is not part of RASKC’s adoption program, has not been assessed by RASKC, and RASKC is not able to verify the accuracy of descriptions written by the pet owner. Use this platform to adopt according to your own judgement.


Cooper and Lady are a sibling bonded pair! Coop is a polydactyl and has extra toes (extra love) He is the best cuddle and the most talkative cat you might ever meet! He loves his big sister Lady and boxes. Cooper knows how to fetch and loves to chase flies (bonus) He is the sweetest love and would go the rest of his life being held like a baby if he could!


sweet baby a little over a year old. very playful loves anything that makes a crunching sound. super cuddly and affectionate very well behaved. loves to eat anything and everything. has extra toes!!!!


Dart is a Main coon mix, very fluffy lovable cat, he is litterbox trained but loves to go out side even when it is cooler outside. He dose not shed that much for a long haired cat he still needs occasional brushing in the summer time to prevent matting. He does have dactyl claws in his front paws, and large front paws. He is chipped but I do not have the paperwork, owner information is my address and unknown phone number(s).

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