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Erin, Dublin, Kerry

Erin came under my care on St. Patrick’s day 2023. When I took her in, it was an experiment to give my existing cat a companion for when I was away during the day for work or if I would leave for the weekend. My cat Ivy would have none of it and wanted nothing to do with Erin. I began searching for a new home for Erin however she plumped up and gave birth to 4 kittens by May 1st 2023. I have been successful in rehoming 2 of the little ones but the remaining 2 are proving difficult.


Bell is a 1 yr 2.5month orange tabby cat who loves to be to himself. He is active when playing. He is literally my oldest son. I have a 7month old son and I am a single parent. I don’t ever want to make Bell feel small or unloved. I just want to place him in a home that’ll love him as much as I do

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