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Miso and Draco

Miso and Draco are brothers, and have been together since birth. I would like to keep them together if possible, which is why I wanted to try and rehome them here in hopes that they can be placed into a good home. The cats need to be indoor pets, because when Miso is outside, he keeps getting hurt by other animals, and it has cost us too much in surgeries. Unfortunately, the cats cannot be inside the house with us because family members are allergic. They have been living in the garage and I feel like it has not benefitted them. It is not fair for them to live like that, and we cannot afford the surgeries anymore. They are very sweet and good cats, and I want to find them someone that can take care of them well.


Almost one year old in May. He is very sweet and loves to snuggle. Friendly with children and others. Not sure how he may act with other pets. He has a microchip and all vaccines are up to date! His name is Gato Junior or just Junior.

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Siva is a sweet girl, very docile and calm. She has the most lady like meow, she is a beautiful grey/blue color and she is especially fond of my sons and male friends. Siva loves to lay on plastic bags and play with her toys.
She will make a great addition to your family.

I think Siva would be better suited in a home with one or two more kitties.
She was born December 2018 and weighs 11lbs


We love Blue very much. He is a very friendly, social kitty who loves people. He loves cuddling in the evening. He has been an indoor cat his whole life but recently got shots to venture outside. He is very good about not running out the door. He is very clean and good with the litter box. We are having to rehome him because of my medical issues and allergies. We really hope to find Blue a home where he will get lots of pets and love.

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