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7 year old male black and white cat. Already neutered and ear clipped. Sweet cat very loving and loves to cuddle and keep you company. He is litter trained and only an indoor cat. Never been outside. He loves to play with string and running around. Not sure how he is with other cats. He hasn’t been around any since he was a kitten but he does great with dogs. Small and large. He will “hunt” the small dog but he has never actually hit or harmed my tiny dog.
He is indifferent to children but if a child pets him he will love it. Has to get used to them first.
He is very vocal and will have a full conversation with you because he loves to talk. He will tell you when he is hungry so you don’t ever have to worry about that.
He loves to sleep on your chest. So if you want a forever cuddle buddy he is perfect. Also love to hide in closets so if he ever go missing he most likely in there.

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Miso and Draco

Miso and Draco are brothers, and have been together since birth. I would like to keep them together if possible, which is why I wanted to try and rehome them here in hopes that they can be placed into a good home. The cats need to be indoor pets, because when Miso is outside, he keeps getting hurt by other animals, and it has cost us too much in surgeries. Unfortunately, the cats cannot be inside the house with us because family members are allergic. They have been living in the garage and I feel like it has not benefitted them. It is not fair for them to live like that, and we cannot afford the surgeries anymore. They are very sweet and good cats, and I want to find them someone that can take care of them well.


She was born July 31,2021 she loves belly rubs and scratches she’s a little sweetie she love cuddles and loves sleeping under blankets with you and she really love kids

Xiang Xiang

(pronounced shong-shong)
Xiang Xiang is a 3 y/o indoor cat who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when she was 1. She’s full of life and love, and deserves a loving home that is better equipped to handle her diagnosis and behavior.

• being brushed
• catnip and cat grass
• head scratches
• being cradled like a baby
• butt pats

• sudden movements
• belly rubs (sometimes)
• cat carrier

• lap cat
• athletic and playful
• certified biscuit maker
• responds to her name
• not too vocal
• rolls over for attention
• lets you trim her claws

• urinates on blankets/clothing left on the floor
• kidney disease
• chews on plastic bags
• sits on your chest to make biscuits on your pelvis

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