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Momma Cat

Momma came to us with her kittens after being abandoned. After having her for a month, she had 4 more kittens! We have been able to rehome her kittens, and now need to rehome Momma.

She is a very sweet chatty cat. Momma Cat is very shy, but will eventually warm up to you. She lives pets and lives to be scratched behind her ears and on her bum!

She tolerates large dogs (Labrador size) and gets along well with kittens and other cats. She does well with female teens and adults, but has not warmed up to my husband or teen sons. I thinks she has been abused by men.

She knows her name, is litter boxed trained and uses a cat door. She has not really tried to go outside since we have had her, so she will be a perfect indoor cat. The only time I gave seen her aggressive is when she has been protecting her wee kittens.

She is microchipped and has been treated for ear mites.

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