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Koji is a very sweet cat, he is 11 year old Bengel. He loves to play but loves being with people and sit and snuggle.

He loves eating wet food, and getting cat treats. He is declawed with front paws. Loves sitting outside and doesn’t go very far.


Meet Tenderhearted Tim!

This beautiful big handsome boy was surrendered by his owner, who had to change their lifestyle, resulting in them sadly having to depart their ways. Tim is the utmost deserving of a fresh start in a new family home filled with love, from which he came from. He thrives on social interaction, and human companionship, being the centre of attention. A healthy boy who is calm and content, playful, friendly, affectionate, and loves to communicate, making sure everyone hears what he has to say.


2 months old, likes to lay around and receive attention.


Bug has tons of energy, she loves playing with toys and other cats. She has lived with dogs/cats for 4+ years and is okay with both but she is fairly independant. She has good litterbox manners but does not like covered litterboxes. She’s very small and has a habit of getting into small areas and on top of tall objects.

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