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Phoenix is a 7-month-old male cat. Phoenix loves to cuddle and is very sweet, he can also be sassy.


Toby is a sweet lap kitty looking for a lap. We took him in a few years ago and was told he was 10 or 11 at the time. Unfortunately I’ve had another child since that time whose developed allergies. Toby is VERY gentle – even with rough and grabby kids. He cuddles with our golden retriever. We’ve never had him around other cats but I’m confident he would be fine. He has had no major health problems (and we have not taken him to the vet). He does only have a few teeth and so we typically feed him raw frozen food, but he will eat hard kibble as well. He does not destroy furniture or scratch and is very laid back – you can pick him up, carry him, clip his nails. He is quite needy and wants to be on your lap as much as possible so if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, Toby is your guy. Very vocal and will let you know if he is out of food, but doesn’t wake us up early or anything like that. No issues with going in his litter box. Honestly just a very sweet old man who wants to be cozy. He is still quite spry and can jump over tall baby gates if he needs to to get to food. Weighs about 8 pounds, he’s a tiny guy.

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