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Lovelable and playful cat who loves to be around owners. Spray and vaccinated up to date. Play with her sister well. Will provide one month worth of litter and cat food as well as their accessories.

**The Home To Home™ platform allows interested adopters to connect directly with people looking to rehome their pets. The pet on this page is not part of Cat Town’s adoption program, and has not been evaluated or assessed by Cat Town. To learn more about this pet, please contact the pet owner directly.

Smokey Bear

He has beautiful big green eyes and is all grey with three white spots. Loves others cats, human interaction, to be petted and he purrs a lot! Skittish around some dogs which is why he needs to be rehomed. Neutered, microchipped, litter trained and very friendly, loveable cat. Comes with original paperwork.

*Home To Home is a platform that connects people looking to rehome or foster their pets with interested adopters or fosters. The pets featured are not animals at Humane Society of Harrisburg Area’s shelter and require direct communication with their caregivers through Home-To-Home. It is the responsibility of the individuals who express interest in a particular pet listed on these pages to obtain and verify information about the pet’s medical, behavior, and bite history. All information contained in the pets’ description page has been provided by their caregiver. Humane Society of Harrisburg Area can not verify the accuracy of the information provided.

Animals posted to this site should not have rehoming or fostering fees. If fees are requested, please reach out to

Rose and Pepper

These two friendly and affectionate kittens (one male, one female) were born on April 3 and will be ready to leave their mother when they are fully weaned in mid to late June. Their mother is from a village in Eastern Europe. Their father is an Austin local. Rose and Pepper were born under a bed in Hyde Park. They have grown up with a five-year-old and are very used to being handled. They are particularly fond of playing with each other, the five-year-old, and their mother’s tail. We are looking to re-home one of them. Videos, pictures, and meet-up available upon request!

**AAC offers free spay/neuter vouchers and microchips for dogs and cats that reside in Austin and unincorporated Travis County. Friends of AAC also offers training vouchers! Email for more info**

***Home To Home is a platform that connects people looking to rehome their pets with interested adopters. The pet on this page is not part of Austin Animal Center’s (AAC) adoption program. AAC has not evaluated or assessed this pet. AAC is not able to verify the accuracy of descriptions written by the pet owner – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about them.***


Bernie is a polydactyl cutie with the sweetest mews and chirps you ever heard. She is independent but loving of her humans once comfortable. Prefers to be the only pet in the home and wants all your attention for herself. Indoor only, but loves a good supervised roll in the dirt/grass. Unexpectedly hilarious, you’ll find yourself wondering how something can be so adorably weird.

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