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A little shy but playful,sweet ,energetic


Playful, social, really sweet loves being petted


A friend of mine could not keep this well-loved cat because of her circumstances, and now I’m looking for a permanent home for her.

Meet Minna, a purebred American bobtail. She is fixed and has no health problems.

Minna is a very athletic 3-year-old cat who loves to play. She may be suspicious of new people at first, but now she follows her people around from room to room to always be nearby. She LOVES pets and head rubs and has a cute duck-like meow she uses when she wants your attention (that and bonking her head on surfaces). Minna also has amazing claw controls even when she was unsure about me she never once scratched despite me manhandling her to get her unmated.

She is pretty food and motivated so could really be trained because she is a very smart. I’ve fostered cats before, but I’ve never met a cat who can entertain herself with her toys as well as Minna can.

She will adapt to other cats, but it takes a while to open up with them. She will do fine as an only cat!

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He is very sweet loves to cuddle and be pet, litter trained and good with other cats and kids. Needs to be rehomed because our other cat is aggressive and could be violent towards him

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