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How To Connect Your FaceBook to Home To Home Posts


Zapier allows you to connect your Home To Home pet feed to Facebook. It is pretty straight forward to follow the on screen instructions. The free plan should include 1000 posts (tasks) per month. If this is not enough, there are other plans and other methods of posting directly to FB. 

  1. Go to this page: and click “Try It”
  2. Create or login to Zapier account – It is easiest to sign up with Facebook
  3. Enter Feed details: 

Click to expand 1. “New Item in Feed.” You will want to set up the trigger by entering the Feed URL.  Example:

  1. Test Trigger – 

You will need a pet in the system. After testing your trigger, click the continue button 

  1. Action 2. Create Page post in Facebook Pages Continue  – 

Make sure you have selected the default “Create Page Post”

  1. Press Continue and choose your facebook account (you must be logged in)
  2. Select the FB page you want to post to

You can then alter the format for your preferences (Message, Link URL) 

  1. Test Action

Send Page Post to FB Pages. Click the Test & Continue button

You can delete this test post from FB later if you like

  1. You will see a “Test was successful” message if it works. Next, you will want to click “Turn on Zap” to activate it. 
  2. You can now manage your “Zaps” and turn them on and off as needed (Toggle buttons activate or deactivate yor “Zaps.”

Example of how it appears:

Need more help? Reach out to the Home To Home team. 

Fill out the form and select “Tech Help” under Inquiry Type.

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