Metro, a.k.a. Metty

Changes at home were not sitting well with Metty. Turns out he was not small-child-friendly.

“After seeing him on your Home to Home website, she (new owner) graciously invited us into her home to visit. Two hours later, I brought in all his ‘stuff’ and he stayed with his new family. Since then, she has been sweet to send pics of him sleeping next to his new brother and sister, Roscoe and Riley (canines), and sporting a new collar! Metty has a much more exciting life now, I am sure, and even has a really cool doggie-door, which he didn’t have at my house!” – Jill, Metro’s former owner


Porter’s owners sought a home where owners would be able to give him more time and attention than their increasingly demanding work schedules would allow.

“Porter has been accepted into the most wonderful new home! We are overjoyed at the love they have given him, but we certainly miss him. Thank you for your help in making this transition so smooth.” 
– Olivia, Porter’s former owner


Daisy’s owners were moving to a location that would not be a good fit for Daisy.

“The Home to Home program recently helped us find a good home for our good girl! I highly recommend it! We were able to screen, meet, and choose the new family our good girl went to. We imparted valuable information about her to her new owners and have been able to keep in contact to make sure things have been going smoothly. It’s a service that made everything much less painful and less tedious. She loves her new home and we love knowing who she went to.” – Mindy, former owner of Daisy


Kione’s owners had to move and it broke their hearts that Kione could not go with them.

“We were able to find a home for Kione last week, thanks to your website. We cannot thank you enough for helping find a happy home with a smooth transition and no shelter time!!!! Thanks again.” – G.W., Khione’s former owner