Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday’s owner passed away, leaving the senior dog on her own. The Shoshone Pet Rescue posted Ruby on Home to Home and with over 1000 shares on Facebook, an amazing home was found quickly.

“Home to Home helped us find Ruby Tuesday a wonderful home after her owner passed away. It gave us many excellent prospects to help us find the right fit for her.” – Shoshone Pet Rescue


A calico cat named Princess was listed on the site because her human, who has Alzheimer’s, was moving into an adult foster care home and could no longer care for her. The owner’s daughter, who could not take the cat herself due to a rental agreement, wanted to avoid a shelter stay for her dad’s beloved cat.

“Princess is important to me because she is a sweet cat and she is important to my dad. I’d love to just find her a home and not have her go through another transition,” said Molly, Princess’s dad’s human daughter. Through Home to Home, Molly found a loving home for her father’s feline princess.

Ernie – The One-Eyed Cat

Mikayla and her grandpa were checking out Facebook together when a post about Ernie needing a home popped up on the screen. It originated on and was shared by Timberlake Litter Control, an animal hospital. Mikayla saw it and said, “I love that cat. He’s just like me, Papa. I want that cat.” Mikayla immediately felt a bond with Ernie because she, too, has one eye.

“We have loved and cared for Ernie for about three years but being a clinic cat does not provide the most enrichment for his life. It was time to find him a forever home and what a perfect fit he found in Mikayla.” – Timberlake Litter Control veterinarian Dr. Mary McKinney


Zeva’s owners could not keep up with their young dog. They knew that a more active lifestyle would be best of their pup.

“…thank you so much to my puppy’s new family, thank you to Betty Anderson from Home-to-Home and thank you to the Home-to-Home organization itself. I know my puppy is in a good place and is being well loved and taken care of, and for that I will be forever grateful.” – Beverly, Zeva’s former owner