Roxanne (“Roxie”)


I am looking for FOSTER CARE for my gal Roxie, but I am open to a permanent arrangement if Roxie is happy. She is an extremely affectionate dog (never met a stranger), but she is Heeler to her core.

Roxie is getting older and slower and her sight is failing a bit. She only has her sight in one eye. My other (2) dogs are young and they have attacked Roxie twice. The last time it was VERY serious ($850+ vet bill, surgery, etc) My Roxie needs a place to recover from her injuries for the next 30 days or so while I am working on re-homing the 2 girls who were involved. They are not bad dogs at all and both are VERY special to me as well. I need time to find the perfect home and arrangement that works for all of us.

Roxie is very friendly to people and whoever gives her attention is her new BFF.  I would not advise a home with children under the age of 8-10.
Roxie has always been around cats and she has been fine. Chickens, etc she has had limited contact, but I never saw an issue. She’s always been with other dogs as well but would prefer to be an only dog.
She is in excellent health condition other than her current injuries, but the vet said she will heal up fine. she is still up for brisk walks, hikes in the woods, etc. She is house trained, walks nicely on a leash, crates, is great in the car and generally a quiet, sweet gal.
The ideal home for Roxie would be a retired person or couple who enjoy a nice, long stroll with their dog every day, share the Heeler Outlook on Life, and like having an “experienced” dog share their lives. Of course, all the time she is in foster care, I would supply whatever she needs.

Pet post expires at 9:50am on Saturday July 15th, 2017

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