Little Bit


Little Bit was born at a shelter with her 8 siblings to a Black Lab mother and immediately the whole family was moved to our home to foster. She was the runt of the litter and was sick as a neonate requiring special care so she became what is known as a “foster failure” because we ended up keeping her. She is the sweetest most loving girl you can ever imagine. Loves, loves, loves people and will play catch all day. She is not house broken because she really doesn’t like going into the house. Not shy exactly just a bit timid around unfamiliar things. It breaks our hearts to give her up but we are moving across the country and she would really hate it because we are moving where there is no snow. We are hoping for a kind and loving family for our Bit, maybe with children because she only wants to be loved and please you. If you snow shoe or cross country ski she will go with you all day! She loves snow and cold and her favorite treat is ice in the winter. Please consider coming to meet her and make her part of your family. You won’t regret it. My wife is a vet and she is completely up to date on her vaccinations, including a recently given 3 year rabies and Bit has been healthy her whole life.

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