I love cats, all sizes and colors. Unfortunately I have become allergic to KiKi. She came to us about 4 years ago. She is absolutely a lap cat. I sit and she is on my lap. I just hate to give her up but I have to. She responds to KiKi food and comes to her food dish. She will also respond to a command of bed. She is an indoor cat and used to using a claw sharpening tower. She is allowed to go outside. She follows my wife when she is in the garden. She needs to be brushed regularly. She loves it and it prevents her from shedding so much. She is an affectionate cat who loves humans. She eats both wet and dry foods. We have spoiled her with dry bonito fish flakes. She is negative for leukemia and has received the vaccine for it. Like many cats she has different calls for her needs. I am hoping to get a good home for this relatively sweet and affectionate cat.

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